Tier 8

tier 8

Tier 8 Income Weighted Commissions

How It Works:

At O2 Tropical Magic, we’ve designed a compensation plan that maximizes your earning potential and rewards you for your hard work and dedication. Here’s how it works:

Every person you personally enroll goes to your first level of your Matrix. You have the freedom to enroll as many people as you wish in your 1st Tier, and your network matrix can be any width through Tier 8. This means you can earn commissions on everyone’s monthly membership fees and purchases/sales in your matrix.

Our commission structure is designed to reward you at every level:

Tier 1: Earn 5% on the earnings of everyone you personally enroll.
Tiers 2-7: Earn 2.5% on the purchases and sales of members enrolled by your direct recruits, and their recruits, up to the 7th level.
Tier 8: Earn an incredible 25% on the purchases and sales of members in the 8th tier. This is unprecedented in the world of network marketing!

With personal purchases/sales paid at the level you have earned, starting at 30%, your earning potential is truly unlimited. Our unique Tier 8 Income Weighted Commissions system ensures that your efforts are rewarded generously, providing a stable and substantial income stream.

Maximize Your Earnings Potential:

Our compensation plan is designed to help you achieve financial freedom. Here’s what you can expect:

Immediate Earnings: Start earning commissions as soon as you enroll members and make sales.
Scalable Income: As your network grows, so does your income. With each new member added to your matrix, your earning potential increases.
Unmatched Rewards: The 25% commission on Tier 8 earnings is unparalleled in the industry, giving you a significant boost to your income.

Realistic Income Goals:

With our system, earning $3K to $7K monthly is quickly within reach. And there’s a legitimate potential of $10K to $100K+ monthly once the Matrix has filled to just 3 wide through 8 Tiers. Imagine the financial freedom and lifestyle you could achieve with such earnings!

Unlimited Tier Width, Unlimited Potential

Since your Tier Width is unlimited, so is your earning potential. You can continue to enroll new members and expand your network as wide as you want, ensuring a continuous stream of income.

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